Information, guidance, and technical assistance for individuals and families who are directing their services through the Pennsylvania Participant Directed Services (PDS) system.

The Supports Broker service is a direct and indirect service available to individuals who elect to, or who are currently using PDS. The Supports Broker service is designed to assist participants or their designated surrogate with the following three functions:

  • Developing natural relationships and generic community supports.
  • Assisting with employer related tasks.
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable policies, regulations and rules that govern waiver funded services that are being self-directed.

Examples of services provided include:

  • Explaining and providing support in completing employer, or managing of employer related paperwork.
  • Developing effective recruiting and hiring techniques.
  • Determining pay rates for Support Service Professionals (SSPs).
  • Providing or arranging for training for SSPs and developing work schedules.
  • Developing, implementing and modifying a back-up plan for services, staffing for emergencies and/or SSP absences.
  • Scheduling paid and unpaid supports.
  • Reviewing of workplace safety issues and strategies for effective management of workplace injury prevention.
  • Facilitating a support group that helps to meet the participant’s self-direction needs.
  • Expanding and coordinating informal, unpaid resources and networks within the community to support success with participant direction.
  • Advising in problem-solving and decision-making